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mainly produces bridge crane, gantry crane, with our own design, development capabilities, manufacturing and processing capacity; of our products related to metallurgy, hydraulic, power, chemical industry, papermaking, shipbuilding, aviation, space, ports and other industries. As so far, we have made the largest crane with 900t capacity and 400m lifting height.
We have the strong ability of manufacture and testing: uncoil, leveling, shear line, steel pretreatment line(Blast, paint spraying and drying), plasma(fire) NC cutting, single beam U Slot roller producing, V method steel foundry, CNC machine center, welding equipment(Lincoln weld, CO2 protecting weld, argon arc welding), testing equipment(RT/UT/PT/MT) and other lathes, boring machine, heat treatment equipment.
Box-girder Technology Process:
Steel testing→pretreatment→marking-off & plate cutting→welding→flaw detection→leveling→Secondary plate cutting→installed and welded→QC→ready-to -assemble
Single main girder:
Steel testing→pretreatment→U slot producing→plate cutting→welding→flaw detection →QC →ready-to -assemble
preparation→clean→testing→lubrication→assemble→traveling test→ QC→ painting →testing → storing
Steel pretreatment:
Steel pretreatm
ent Before steel processing (namely raw material state), surface should be shot blasting and coated with a layer of protection primer processing technology. Steel, after pretreatment, can improve corrosion resistant ability of mechanical products and metal co
mponent, i
mprove the steel plate of fatigue performance and extend its service life. At the same time can also optimize steel surface craft condition, be helpful for numerical control cutter blanking and precision 
blanking, so that it greatly improve the cleaning work efficiency, reduce labor intensity and cleaned up the environmental pollution.
Plasma cutting
Plasma cutting Compressed air as working gas, high temperature and high plasma arc as heat source, cutting metal will be partial melted and blow away the melted metal by high speed air flow, forming a narrow kerf. The cutting precision is higher than flame cutting, underwater cutting without deformation. Cut fast and effeciency.

U-style Slot Roller Production Line:
U-style Slot Roller Production Line After the production processing horizontal platecan shaped at one time, without welding joint. Avoid the traditional Grinding, cutting, welding. Then saved many welding material, gas, labo;, improved the effiency; avoid air pullution, and reduce cost.

CNC machine center:
CNC machine center It gethers all the function of the milling, boring, drilling, tapping screw thread and cutting thread on one machine. In the machine center, there is a knif storage with many tools, such as knives, testing tools, they can be chosen automatically. For the special necessary tooling and equipment to ensure product quality and efficiency of the workpiece, it has the big advantage and competitiveness.

Lincoln Welding:
CNC machine center On the welding position, there covered with a shield of flux layer, the filler metal made of bare wire insert into flux layer, and weld metal produce arc, arc buried under flux layer, arc heat produced by the melting wire, flux and base metal forming weld, the welding process is automation.
Advantages:high production, welding good and stable, save material and power, Improve working conditions, reduce labor intensity. This technical is mainly used on main girder.

High Frequency Furnace:
High Frequency Furnace
It is the highest of metal material heating efficiency, speed, low consumption of energy conservation and environmental protection of induction heating equipment.
It is mainly used for heat treatment of various kinds of metal materials(Partial or whole annealing, quenching, tempering, etc), improve the mechanical properties of the material.

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