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— Protection level IP44/IP54/IP55,insulation class B/F/H
— Special crane motor, motor load 25%/40%/60%
— Smooth running, strong overload ability, high mechanical strength
— Choose the suitable motor according to customer's requirement
— Soft/medium hard/hard gear surface
— Do gear surface treatment such as carburization, quenching, hardening and tempering. The gear accuracy of soft gear is level 8; and that is level 5 or level 6 of hard gear.
— Working reliability is above 99%, safety factor is no less than 1.25
— Compact structure, modular design, easy to installation and maintenance
— Choose the suitable reducer according to customer's requirement
— Electro-hydraulic drum/electro-hydraulic arm disk/ disk brake
— Self-lubricating bearing, high transmission efficiency
— Choose the suitable brake according to customer's requirement
— Single/double/no flange
— Split/angle box/simple/European wheel
— Reliable quality, easy disassemble
— Choose the suitable wheel according to customer's requirement
— Single/double hook, five strength grade, complete in variety
— Die forging/open die forging, high safety factor
— Meet international standard, ISO/FEM/DIN/AS etc.
— Choose the suitable hook according to customer's requirement
Wire Rope
— Glaze/galvanized, fiber core/metal wire core, rotate/non-rotate wire rope
— Seale (S)/Waring (W) wire rope section
— Nominal tensile strength 1570/1670/1770/1870MPa
— Choose the suitable wire rope according to customer's requirement
Safety Protection Equipment
— Overload limiter, mechanical/electronic
— Bumper, rubber/hydraulic/spring type
— Extreme position limiter, consist of contact terminal and lead limit switch, avoid stroke offside
— Anti-wind and anti-skid safety equipment, rail clamp/anchor device/slipper
— Interlock protection, zero protection, emergency switch, etc.
— Choose the suitable various safety protection equipment according to customer's requirement
More Options
— PLC control and fault detect print system
— Space capsule cabin, linkage control
— Frequency conversion control system, achieve stepless speed regulation
— Centralization lubrication device to improve its security and increase service life
Application Scope
— Indoor/outdoor, single/double girder, light/intermediate/heavy duty
— Light/intermediate dead weight, high/low workshop, low/high working class
— Choose the suitable various crane according to customer's requirement

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