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Kazakhtan lead-zinc Beneficiation Plant

Customer’s background
This customer came from Kazakhtan, his mine is skarn type polymetallic deposit. there are Metal mineral galena, sphalerite, pyrite and chalcopyrite in small quantities. The gangue minerals are quartz, calcite, epidote, times of chlorite, etc. Production requires: Capacity: 326t/d, recovery of lead, zinc, copper , three kinds of metal.
The Flow Chart

Crush series: two open crushing process, preliminary screening, undressed ore granularity is 350 millimeter, crushing granularity of the final product is 30 mm, total reduction ratio is 11.6.
Grinding series: a closed-circuit grinding, grinding to - 200 mesh (70%), graded overflow concentration 32%.
Flotation series: copper lead mixed flotation, the tailings in turn choose zinc and sulphur. Process structure are: copper lead mixed elected one roughing and two three times of scavenging and selection; Copper, lead, separation is a roughing and secondary scavenging, select four times; Choose zinc is a roughing, the secondary three times of scavenging, selected; Choose sulfur for one roughing and one scavenging, selected at a time. The technological process and technical conditions below.
Dehydration series: concentration and filtration dehydration process
Adavantages of this plant
The characteristics of the plant is having good comprehensive recycling index. Under the situation of low-grade ore and the grade of the ore is declining every year, following the improvement of processing beneficiation and the technical conditions , all kinds of metal selected indexes are increased year by year.
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