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Freestanding Monorail cranes(P200)

Product Type: P200
Lifting Capacity: 125-5000KG
Span Length: 0~30
Operation method:


Freestanding Monorail cranes provide a permanent solution that provides fast, heavy-duty material handling over long spans when there are not any available mounting structures.

Configurations for freestanding monorail crane systems include cantilevered systems, and H-frames, U shapes – with customized systems always an option.

When to use a Monorail Crane System?

If you frequently handle materials that are too heavy or bulky to move with lift trucks or workstation cranes – a monorail system could be the solution.

Monorail cranes offer exceptional power and load control while maximizing vertical space in your facility.

They are frequently used for heavy-duty applications in nearly every industry, with applications ranging from automotive manufacturing to power generation, assembly line and more.

Benefits & Advantages Of A Monorail Crane System

  • Flexible

Monorail crane systems can be used in virtually any facility. They also make modification and expansion very easy. Whether you need to make a bigger crane system or expand your production floor, a monorail crane system can be quickly adapted to the changing needs of your business and the space available.

  • Fast

A monorail crane, by design, takes loads “up and over” the rest of your production floor, providing a more direct path from point A to point B and increasing efficiency in your facility.

  • Controlled :

Through a combination of automated systems and pushbutton pendants, your monorail crane ensures that any operator can maintain constant visibility and fine-control while remaining safely out of harm’s way.

  • Customizable

Do you need to move product from one section of your plant to another (or even to a different building)? No problem.

From curves and slopes to integration with existing systems and application specific features, the many customization options available can make a monorail crane system a boon for any production line.


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