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European series single girder crane

Product Type: LD
Lifting Capacity: 1-32T
Span Length: 8-30M
Operation method: Pendant control, remote control.


Product Features:
European single girder series bridge crane can effectively make use of factory space, and make the headroom lowest and limit distance between hook and two sides walls minimum. 
European design concept reduces the weight of the whole crane, and can greatly save the cost of plant. 
Adopt advanced double speed or frequency double speed control. Make the start, acceleration and deceleration of crane stable, and furthest reduce the loaded goods swing. Make the loading positioning faster and more accurate. 
Ground control adopts suspension type controller which is fit with ergonomic design. Operator can control in any convenient location within the span range, the span which play an important role. 
Wireless remote control is the safest, most efficient operation and control mode.
Technical parameters

IF you want to order our crane, please let us know the following information:
1. The capacity.
2. The lifting height (from floor to the hook center)
3. The span(the distance between the two rails)
4. The speed as you demand.
5. The power source in your country.


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