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single beam rubber tired gantry crane

Product Type: SBR
Lifting Capacity: 5-50T
Span Length: 8-20M
Operation method: Pendant control, remote control or operating cabin.


Product Features:
Rubber-tired gantry cranes offer greater value for less. With our vast offering of valuable features, options, and Customer Care services, you will benefit by reducing operational costs and improving your bottom line.
When you're dealing with on-site material handling, stability, and planning issues, it takes valuable time away from the job at hand. With MODERN Crane’s rubber-tired gantry cranes, loads are suspended directly beneath the frame so operators do not need to interpret complex stability charts.
You can utilize every square foot of your yard and facility with one machine. With options such as our All-Wheel Electronic Steering, a MODERN CRANE gantry crane can provide your operation with maximum flexibility, maneuverability and precision handling in the most confined spaces.
Adopt advanced double speed or frequency double speed control. Make the start, acceleration and deceleration of crane stable, and furthest reduce the loaded goods swing. Make the loading positioning faster and more accurate.
Technical parameters


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