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2014-10-18 17:43:16Common Sense of Gantry Crane

1. The selection of gantry crane
It should fit to the gantry crane relevant provisions of GB/T14406 and GB5905-86.
Normally, its lifting capacity is under 50t, and span within 35m, if you have no special use requirement, you should choose the single girder type crane. If you need large width door leg, high operation speed, or often lifting heavy things, you should choose the double girder gantry crane.
2. Span and the cantilever length
The span of gantry crane is an important factor to affect the quality of crane itself. When selected gantry crane, you should cut the span under the conditions that satisfied with the equipment using term and fit to the series specifications of span.
3. Judge criterion of wheel track
a) Satisfied with the safe need of the door frame along the crane path direction.
b) The block dimension of goods need to be able to pass to the leg plane steel frame smoothly.
c) Pay attention to make the wheel track B and span S must be proportional relationship, usually take wheel track B=(1/4--1/6)S.
4. Judgment of gantry crane distance scale
In operation, among the gantry crane external dimensions, the passage of the goods, and the delivery vehicles yard should leave some space scale, so as to load and unload operation. Usually, when the transport vehicle handles in the span, it should stick to leave more than 0.7m with the gate legs. When not in operation, lifting appliance should keep more than 0.5m with the delivery vehicles. 

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