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2014-10-18 18:14:49The Use and Maintenance of Electric Hoist

1. New installation or after overhaul of the electric hoist crane, it should be empty test run several times. But before installation, please cut the power.
2. It should be test with 125% rated load, lifting off the ground about 100mm, and the static load test of 10 minutes before normal use, in order to check whether it is normal.
3. During operation, it is forbidden to operate under disallowed environment, or exceed the rated load closing time 120 times/h.
4. Do not allow to press both two electric hoist with the opposite direction of the flashlight door button.
5. After complete the work, you must be draw back the total power, cut off the power supply.
6. Electric hoist crane should be controlled by designed person, the operator should fully grasp the safety operation procedures.
7. The electric hoist must be inspection regularly, take timely measures when find fault.
8. Guarantee the rated load when you adjust the electric hoist braking quantity, brake down quantity:S≤V/100.
9. Scrapping standard of steel wire rope: the inspection and standards of steel wire rope according to CB/T5972-1986 “ wire rope inspection and scrap for cranes and practical specification”.
10. It must be maintained enough lubricating oil when using electric hoist, and keep the oil clean without any impurities and dirt.
11. When the electric hoist does not work, it is not allow the heavy thing suspended in the air, to prevent parts producing permanent deformation.
12. Pay special attention to vulnerable parts in using.

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