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2014-10-18 18:15:20The Importance of Crane Installation and Characteristics

Due to the crane is special equipment, and has high risk characteristics, therefore, during the crane installation, safety work is particularly important, you should pay more attention to the following several aspects.

1. Crane is mostly huge structure, complex mechanism equipment, it is difficult to transport as a whole. So, it must be through the correct installation to reflect the overall eligibility of crane, and also test the soundness and completeness of the crane.

2. Crane is traveling in the site or on the rails in the building. So for its rails or install base, and also the crane itself, whether it can cooperate with each other in good condition,and whether it can meet the use of strict requirements, these all must be through the right installation and the test running or inspection after installation to come to a conclusion.

3. The crane requires high security, safety devices must be perfect and installed correctly in order to achieve reliable, flexible and accurate technical requirements.

4. According to the importance of crane safety work, in order to make the crane meet the requirements of various kinds of load after putting into using, it must tested in accordance with the provisions for no-load and load, overload of static load and dynamic load. And the test must be operated in the running state of crane institutions or specific stationary state. This requires that it should be used after load test under the conditions of the crane load experiment was carried out after installation.

5. The crane steel wire rope and other flexible parts will be occurred loose, elongation, deformation, etc. after the initial loading. It also requires to conduct repair correction, adjustment, processing and tighten after the crane installation and load transfer. Therefore, you must be prepared to crane installation, commission, speed control and such a series of work to ensure the normal and safety use in the future.

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