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2014-10-18 18:16:01How to Prevent the Hidden Danger of Electric Hoist

1. It is prohibited to use unqualified spare parts.
Brake ring, spring, and the elastic coupling rubber ring are wearing parts, with high replacement frequency. Their quality will directly affect the crane accidents, so the quality of the spare parts must be strictly controlled. Before the assembly using, you should check the size and tape of the brake ring strictly to ensure whether they meet the design requirements; test whether the strength of the spring is enough; check whether it is consistent between the elastic coupling rubber ring material and the design requirement and so on.
2. Establish inspection system, and eliminate the accident hidden danger in the bud.
Stipulate the maintenance staff and equipment management personnel to inspect it twice a day, focusing on the crane accident and service behavior within the jurisdiction. Once you find there are accident signs, stop using it immediately.
3. Change the elastic coupling rubber ring on a regular basis.
Elastic coupling is located inside the drum, and the rubber ring tear accident has concealment, so the damage is bigger. So we hereby stipulated, regardless of the crane accident signs, you should replace the rubber ring a month and a half to minimize the accidents. In addition, in the process of checking and using electric hoist, if you find any abnormal noise inside the drum, stop using the electric hoist immediately, disassemble the crane and check whether the elastic coupling is damaged.
4. It should be proceeded test running after the electric hoist installation and maintenance at the first time to detect whether the crane has other anomalies. After confirmed it works properly, then it can be put into use.

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