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2014-10-15 08:47:20Shell Ingress Protection Class Code

Shell Ingress Protection (IP) Class Code
First digital: to prevent fixed conductor foreign body in:
0 No protection
1 Fixed foreign body diameter greater than 50 mm
2 Fixed foreign body diameter greater than 12 mm
3 Fixed foreign body diameter greater than 2.5 mm
4 Fixed foreign body diameter greater than 1.0 mm
5 Dustproof
6 Dust tight
Second digital: to prevent harm effects of water:
0 No protection
1 Vertical water drop
2 Dip 75-90 ° drip
3 Water drenching
4 Splash water
5 Spray
6 Violent spray
7 Short time influx water
8 Continuous influx water
Insulation Class
Temperature Insulation Class A B C D E F
Maximum permissible temperature (℃) 105 120 130 155 180 above 180
Crane Insulation Class is commonly class B or class F, H class in metallurgical environment
Among all of the electrical equipment such as motor, the insulation material is the weakest link. Insulation materials especially vulnerable to the effects of high temperature and accelerated aging and damage.Different insulation materials have distinction in heat resistant performance,which electrical equipment tolerance ability of high temperature is different when using different insulation material, so general electrical equipment are prescribed the highest work temperature.

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