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2014-10-18 17:40:02How to choose chain hoist wisely

You can choose a suitable chain hoist according to the following two aspects.
1. From the basic attributes of electric hoist. You can refer to these five factors: lifting height, lifting speed, motor power, voltage and its installation. You can choose the height and speed according to its service life, and the height can be customized. Suitable is the best, not just the most expensive one. Electric hoist can be divided into electric trolley type and fixed type based on its installation, the user can choose it according to the actual situation.
2. From the quality of electric hoist. As a kind of lifting equipment, its usage safety is the most important thing we should consider. This requires us must think about the quality problem of the electric hoist strictly when we purchase it. Generally speaking, it is very difficult to judge its quality from the appearance. If you are not a professional engineer, we recommend that you can look for a good reputation, or a famous brand, for example, we Yuantai. Because we are a company that specialize in producing the hoist machinery. And also our product has many advantages such as: compact structure, small size, light self weight, reliable quality and wide scope of application and so on.

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