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2014-10-18 20:36:37Grand 2013 Sales Meeting Held

On 17th February, a grand 2013 sales meeting was held in Yuantai’s multifunctional hall full of flowers and happiness. This meeting drummed 2013 sales war based on summing up past and honoring the advanced. The staff and leadership attended the meeting.
Serious situation and new development of cranes
During the past year, the crane industry faced a serious market situation, and Yuantai also was influenced. However, our company took precautions, made positive marketing strategy, and focused on the “Sixteen-word Policy” --striving for orders, strictly controlling cost, strongly promoting transportation, highly improving efficiency put forward with by chairman, Mr. Zhang in early 2012, which brought the company a higher profit.
Service capability promotion
While making greater progress, we also clearly know that the company still has more steps to be taken on service, quality and deliver date besides products and price. So we must pay more attention to service, technology and customers’ needs. We should comprehensively promote safety performance of products, unique design, craft, installation and transportation, personnel training, sales incentive, simplifying financial procedures and service awareness, etc. to improve marketing and service capability.
Sales keynotes
2013 sales keynotes: the first is to strengthen services for sales managers, foster service awareness, cooperate with sales managers to win orders, and make best attempt to do customer review work. The second is to greatly develop new products, new technology and new craft, improve competitive ability of products and continuously enlarge international market.
The meeting theming as “development, innovation, cooperation, win-win” showed splendid performances with novel forms, plentiful content and lively atmosphere which was applauded by all attendees. The meeting came to an end with the song “ happiness”.

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