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2014-10-20 10:26:35Gantry crane operation characteristics

For large processing enterprises, especially heavy machinery processing enterprises, the biggest problems they face is how to carry large articals in the course of processing. Gantry cranes can help workers carry heavy weights swiftly, thus improving the production efficiency. Work environment and characteristics of a gantry crane is following.
1 Working environment
The gantry crane often works in the grim environment. And it works such places as heavy industry workshops, railway depots, and terminal yards environment of which is in the bad condition. So there are some different problems like etchant gas and industrial dust. The gantry crane will bear big vibration and load impact when it carries heavy weights. In addition, the gantry crane has a strict requirement on power supply because the instantaneous undertension will happen when the crane is started.
2 Working characteristics
(1)When cranes are started, the pull-in torque should be big enough. Generally safe specification requires no less than 150% of the nominal torque; actually in the workplaces voltage is so changeable that the crane is beyond the reach of rated requirements. Therefore, when started, the crane should supply more than 200% of nominal torque in order to ensure safety factor high enough.
(2)The crane is in cordination control by converter start signal and mechanical braking signal. The crane carries weights by the converter, and then is stopped by the mechanical brake so the two signals must not be repeated. The best is to make sure the crane to implement one command of a signal at one time.
(3) Energy feedbacks. There are vertical and horizontal traveling in the working course of the crane. When the urgent reduction happens, because of continuous rotation inertia, the motor will generate renewable power which will be feedbacked.
(4) Load increases. The moment the(of) crane grabs heavy weights leave(leaving) the ground or put(putting) them on the ground, the load will increase suddenly.

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