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2014-10-20 10:26:54Composition and working principles of lifting mechanism

As the major and fundamental part of cranes, lifting mechanism is used to realize vertical traveling of materials. For all kinds of cranes, composition and working principles of lifting mechanism are almost same. The bridge crane is the example.
Following devices are included by typical lifting mechanism.
1)Driving devices. The bridge crane is driven by a motor, which makes it convenient to lay out, install, and inspect and repair.
2)Transmission device. It includes the reducer, coupling and drive shaft etc.
3)Reel system. It mainly includes the drum, wire rope and pulley.
4)Load handling devices. According to types and patterns of materials, different devices will be adopted.
5) The brake and safe loading plate. The brake is not only controlling plate of working mechanism but aslo safety device so it should be the focus of safe inspection.
In addition, lifting mechanism is also equipped with such protection devices as the overload limiter and rising limit position limiter and so on.
(2)Working principles
In most cases, the motor provides power for lifting mechanism of the bridge crane. The motor is linked through the coupling and high speed shaft of the reducer whose low speed shaft drives the drum. The wire rope winds in the drum, and is connected through the pulley block and lifting appliance. Motor transfers motion of positive and negative direction to drum whose rotation of different directions rolls or releases wire rope so that the sling and hoisting realizes lifting movement.

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