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2014-10-20 10:27:14Analysis of crane structure

The crane is one kind of hoisting machinery and works circularly and intermittently.One working cycle is like this. The load handling device lifts articles from fetching places, moves horizontally to the named place and puts the articles down; then the crane moves reversely to make the load handling device to the home position so that the next cycle starts.
The crane consists of lifting mechanism, traveling mechanism, luffing mechanism, rotation mechanism and metal mechanism etc.
As the fundamental working mechanism, lifting mechanism is mainly made up of suspension system and winch. Also the hydraulic system can lift articles.
Traveling mechanism is used to transport heavy weights vertically or adjusts working position of the crane. Traveling mechanism consists of motors, reducers, brakes and wheels.
Luffing mechanism is only equipped with jib type cranes.When the cantilever lifts up ,amplitude decreases; otherwise amplitude increases. Luffing mechanism is classified into balanced amplitude and unbalanced amplitude.
Rotation mechanism is used to rotate jibs. It is made up of driving mechanism and slewing bearing devices.
Metal mechanism is the skeleton of the crane and mainly supports girders, jibs and gantries. It can be box structure and truss structure, and also can be web structure. Some can utilize shape steel to be the supporting girder.

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