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2014-10-20 10:30:15Introduction on Overhead Crane

To introduce overhead cranes, let everybody have a better understanding of them Overhead crane is a kind of bridge type crane whose crane span structure travels on the carrier track. Crane bridge travels longitudinally on the track laying on both sides of the elevated rail and the lifting trolley travels on the track laying on the bridge, which becomes a rectangular working range so that the room under the bridge can be made full use to lift articles and avoid blocking from ground equipment.
Overhead ceane is widely used in the warehouse, workplace, port and open storage place indoors or outdoors. Overhead cranes can be classifid into ordinary overhead crane, simple overhead girder crane and metallurgical special overhead crane. Ordinary overhead crane generally consists of lifting trolley, bridge traveling mechanism and bridge metal mechanism. Lifting mechanism is composed with lifting mechanism, trolley traveling mechanism and trolley frame.
Lifting mechanism includes the motor, brake, reducer, wire rope drum and pulley. The motor drives the drum to make wire rope around the drum or from the drum down to lift heavy weights. The trolley is the rack to bracket and install such parts as lifting mechanism and trolley traveling mechanism etc.The trolley frame is usually welding structure.

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