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2014-10-20 10:30:36Bridge-Gantry and Jib Crane Features

There are several types of cranes such as European type crane, bridge crane, gantry crane, double-girder overhead crane, pillar jib crane, and wall-traveling crane, etc. The following is to introduce the features and functions of those cranes.
European type cranes have such design concepts as small dimension, light dead weight, free maintenance, good capacity, high continuity, and advanced configuration such as galvanizing wirerope, disk brake, hard-tooth reducer, programmable rising limiting, nodular cast iron rope guide, large-diameter welding drum, etc. European type cranes are the innovative products at home. Compared with traditional cranes, the limiting distance is minimum from hook to wall, and headroom is the lowest, which makes cranes work more close to the front, and lifting height more higher that increases effective working space of workplace. New workshops can be designed more smaller and have more functions because the dead weight is light, and the wheel pressure is small. 
Overhead cranes,also called crown block, are a bridge-type crane which travels on the elevated trackway. Bridge travels vertically along the trackway paving on the both sides of elevated birdge, and trolley travels horizontally on the trackway paving on the bridge, which makes a rectangular working range. This can make full of use of space under the bridge to lift goods, and avoid blocking from ground.
Gantry crane is generally classified according to gantry structure, main girder form and lifting device.
Double-girder overhead crane has such features as superior lifting capacity, large span, good stablity, and varieties, but dead weight is weightier and cost is higher than the-same-lifting-capacity single main girder crane. According to different structures of main girder, double-girder crane can be divided into bridge and box girder which is adopted in general.
Pillar jib crane is a kind of crane consisting of pillar and jib which rotates around the pillar fastened on the base,or connects with rotary column stifness and rotate altogether relative to vertical center line within supporting of the base. Pillar jib crane is applied to places with small lifting capacity and round or fanshaped working range. Pillar jib crane is generally used to transport workpiece of machine tool etc.
Walling-traveling crane is a jib crane that is fastened on the wall or travels along wall or elevated trackway on other supporting structure.

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