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2014-10-20 10:31:07Introduction on Types of Cranes-Overhead and Jib crane

With different cranes, functions and structures are diverse. There are several types of cranes.
1 Light and small cranes
Light and small cranes have such characteristics as light weight, compact structure, simple movement, and operation range projection centering on point and line. Light and small cranes have only one lifting mechanism, and can only do single movement. Jack, tackle, hand(gas, electricity) hoist and winch belong to this type.
2 Overhead crane
The feature of bridge crane is to make weights suspended on the hook or other lifting devices realize vertical lifting and horizontal movement. Overhead crane includes lifting mechanism, crane and trolley traveling mechanism. Relying on these mechanism cooperation, weights can be lifted and carried during cube space.
3 Jib crane
Jib crane includes lifting mechanism, luffing mechanism and rotating mechanism. Through these mechanism cooperation, weights can be lifted and carried within cylinder space. Jib crane is generally intalled on the vehicles or other transport machines, which forms traveling-jib-rotating crane.
4 Lifter
The characteristics of lifter is that weights and loading device only lift along guide rail. Although lifter only has one lifting mechanism, there are other affiliated devices, so it can be a kind independently which includes elevator, cargo lift, ship lift, etc. There are a variety of classifications such as cranes with hook, cranes with grab, electromagnetic cranes, metallurgical cranes, etc.

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