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2014-10-20 10:34:17Safety Operation Specifications for European Crane

European type crane has such features as unique design concept, small size, light weight, low wheel pressure. When European type crane works, strictly abide by following safety operation specification.
1 Level the crane before the whole set works.
2 Stop working when wind is greater than 6 level.
3 Strictly forbid to stand under the jib.
4 When the crane lifts weights, do not wrench operating valve handle of supporting legs. If it needs to be adjusted, heavy weights must be put on the ground, and jib is inferoanterior or behind, and then adjust it.
5 When heavy weights need to be in the air for a long time, operators forbids to leave operating room.
6 Operation should be balanced and gentle. It is forbidden to yank, thrust, fiercely operate, and stretch with loads.
7 Do not lift those things buried under the ground or frozen articles.
8 No less than 3 coils of the wire rope on the lifting drum at any lifting case.
Above safety operation specifications for cranes that workers need to pay attention to.

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