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2014-10-20 10:35:13Quality Being Key Indicator of Choosing Overhead Crane Manufacturer

With development and expansion of housing industry and infrastructure, companies manufacturing overhead cranes has been more and more. The report shows that the number of crane production is 4725647.19t from January to July in 2012. The number will be doubled next year or late which will cause oversupply in crane industry.
Experts note that overhead crane industry is being in the period of deeply adjustment,that crane market is in chaos and recession, that second-hand crane market also faces stagnation when profit margin is shrunk, and that manufactures overassess the market prospect and face bigger operating pressure. On condition of this trend, com pared with last year users are more reasonable and cautious to buy new cranes. They care more about practical performances of products and technological and service capacity of manufacturers. Therefore, quality of service after and before selling has become a key indicator for consumers choosing cranes.
Yuantai Crane company makes great efforts to improve quality of service when facing the oversupply trend. We have launched more service centers in different areas,and have provided professional training for our service staff who now have mastered adequate knowledge. Meanwhile, we also have set up the quick-reaction procedure where we will send our staff to solve problems confronted by customers as soon as possible. Based on those efforts, Yuantai Crane company wins a place in the fiercely competitive market.

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