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2014-10-20 10:36:14How to repair Overhead Cranes

As an important tool to achieve productive mechanization and automation during modern industrial production and crane transportation, overhead cranes are widely used in industrial and mining enterprise, steel and chemical industry, railway transportation, port and logistics, so fault treatment and maintenance are very important. Yuantai tells the common fault treatment for cranes.
Abrasion repair for crane reducer and wheels
Active wheels and crane reducer for overhead rotate frequently, so many-times reversal stops cause torque and vibration of reducer shaft to be big, and leakage.When those happens, the traditional repair is mostly processing repair after repairing welding and brushing plating. Both have some weaknesses: thermal stress caused by repair welding temperature can not eliminate completely and bending and breaking easily happens; brushing plating limited by coating thickness is easy to spalling. Two methods still utilize metal to repair metal, which can not change cooperative relationship of “hard to hard”. Under the effect of comprehensive forces, another abrasion may happen. The latest repair way mainly use high polymer material which has super adhesive force and superior stress-resistivity. High polymer material repair is not only affected by thermal stress and limited by repair thickness, but also it has metal-material-lacks-of deformability that can absorb impact vibration, avoid another abrasion, and as the same time greatly prolong the service life of spare parts, which saves quantity of time and create huge economic value for enterprises.
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