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2014-10-20 10:46:11Inspection and Maintenance for Overhead Crane

Overhead cranes have many spare parts, so there should be weekly, monthly and daily inspection according to different technical characteristics. The concrete is following.
Weekly inspection and maintenance Overhead Crane
1 Inspect whether nuts,pining,and strong-back are complete and loose or not, and lever has no flaws,and pining bolt and crosser on the break are solid and complete. The brake is safe. Open of brake pad is less than 1mm when the brake is started and distance of both sides of brake wheels should be equal. And shaft pin can not stick.
2 Inspect whether protection switch and limiting switch are accurate and flexible. Especially the limiting switch.
3 Inspect whether the wire rope around the roller and pulley is normal,and jumps from the slot, and knots and twists as well as the bolt is fastening and whether there is loose-proof double nuts.
4 Inspect whether the bolt of the coupling on the lifting mechanism is loose and lack.
5 Inspect whether mechanisms are normal and noisy.
6 Inspect whether lubricated parts are in good lubrication.
7 Inspect whether there is strange things hindering overhead cranes.

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